Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Richard Benham is Dead

Richard D. Benham, 52, vile Internet troll, slanderer, libeler, hypocrite, is dead.

Indeed, in his Inferno Dante provides a very special place in hell for the Richard Benhams of the world and he places them in Canto XI, the circle of complex fraud or malice:

[22] The end of every malice is injustice,/Achieved either by fraud or violence/Against others. And while heaven hates either vice,/ [25] Fraud is peculiar to humans, and hence/Displeases God more; thus the fraudulent/Are put lower and suffer a pain more intense…[58] Are nests of hypocrites, flatterers, lying creatures, Sorcerers, simonists, pimps, thieves,/Swindlers, seducers, and other filthy vultures. (Dante Allighieri, Inferno, Canto XI)

Richard Benham was, without a doubt a sick man, a suffering soul, full of malevolence and malice. He was angry person as are so many persons who are chronically ill. Richard Benham’s anger and apparent self-loathing turned out against many persons, many of whom never knew of Benham and whom Benham never made an attempt to know as persons; they were merely fuel for his anger. I happened to have been one of his victims.

Benham worked by ambush and had no concern for the immorality of his actions, had little regard for truth, and even less for the effects of his wanton irresponsibility. He had every marking of the sociopath.

Benham was scathingly self-righteous but not righteous. His way was the only way and he was not above attacking anyone who disagreed with his take on an issue.

Nor was he above lying, fraud, slander, libel, defamations, confabulation; his vulgarity was shocking.

Benham was oblivious to anything but the ad hominem and launched his venomous invectives not only upon the target victim but maliciously attacked the innocent, including family members and acquaintances of the victim. His arrogance was boundless and his gratitude primitively self-serving: he glorified a backwoods journalist, relegated by the editors of his small regional rag to cover backwoods towns and the “hill country” when said journalist devoured Benham’s scandal but vilified at least three others and their editors for opting to discard his rubbish and to ethically refuse to publish it.

Benham fraudulently obtained unreliable information from sources and then irresponsibly published it; when presented with evidence and information refuting his conclusions, not only refused to apologize or even retract his incorrect publications but became even more scandalous to cover his error.

Benham was so undignified that he attracted and at times recruited minions to join with him in his malicious attacks; his appeal is - was - to those of his ilk – the self-loathing, the malicious, the angry.

Benham is dead but his toxic blogs live on as his testament to an impoverished life and soul; the immaterial, pablum-puking testimonials and memorials to the hypocrite chameleon Richard Benham merely give testimonial to the superficial presentation of a deeply disturbed individual and to the overall superficiality and herd-instincts of a self-loathing community of misfits who devour scandal and are overly quick to condemn.

Benham was the epitome of the Internet troll and has become a symbol of a misguided intellect and life. But he is dead now and the Internet and the world may be a minutely better place without him.

Benham died a defendant in a defamation lawsuit; he escaped temporal justice but now faces a more exacting justice and an absolute judge. May he receive his just deserts.

But despite what Richard Benham was in life and as hopeless as his life turned out to be, we can only pray that a loving God will be a merciful God and give Benham a reprieve and shorten his infernal agonies. Despite the evil that Benham perpetrated during his short life it remains the duty of those he injured to forgive him and to pray that his purgative suffering of his abused soul be mercifully of short duration, and that he receive forgiveness. Whatever one believes one should try to forgive pitiful souls like Benham and lead a more charitable life, a life in observance of the two great laws that would make the world a more gentle place to spend our short lives.
At any rate, may his suffering in hell be less than the suffering he caused others on earth.

He now stands alone in a silent shadow world.


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